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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want stickers showing my Social Media names or other information?
Well, check the stats:
- Twitter has more than 175 million users. And the number of tweets per day is around a 100 million – an increase of over 250 percent in the last year.
- Facebook now has in excess of 640 million users – half of which login daily. Facebook has seen a 40 percent increase in daily usage over the past 12 months. Users who are accessing Facebook via their mobile device has grown by over 200 percent. In early 2010 the figure was around 65 million, it now stands upwards of 200 million.* Did you catch that last one? Mobile devices ... big time increased use (now, remember, don’t be reading stuff like SMO Stickers and inputting names on your smartphone while you’re driving. Dude, that’s just stupid!).
- QR codes are an effective way to reach your audience. 32% of respondents said they have scanned a QR code and 72% of those respondents said they were more likely to remember an advertisement with a QR code. Today, QR codes have mass appeal in Japan after having been around for almost two decades. Here in the states, they’re increasing in effectiveness and adoption.**

You want more followers? More likes? Get SMO Stickers for your Facebook and Twitter names and QR Codes and stick them on your car, truck, quad, MX bike, guitar case, locker, toy hauler, you name it! You want a new way to show others what you’re all about? What causes you want to support? What trends you’d like to increase the buzz about? Throw on a #hashtag! Follow for more about #hashtags. These are excellent additional channels that you can use to let others know about you and your business or interests or causes or events or...?!

Can we get our stickers in a different typestyle?
These fonts were chosen to mimic what’s used online and be more immediately recognizable. Contact us if you want a custom order.

Can I get my name in upper and lowercase ... ya know, tall and short?
Yup, I know. Absolutely! Just make sure you fill in the fields the way you want them to appear because we cut directly from that input.

How long should my stickers last?
Your vinyl stickers are cut from the highest quality vinyl you can get. It’s from Oracal. Under normal circumstances it has lifespan of approximately 6 years as noted here. You may want to scale that back a year or two if you live, like, around Death Valley, CA.!

How long will it take for me to get my stickers?
Current production time is 72 hours or less plus 1-3 days for shipping in the contiguous U.S. Rush orders and overnight shipping is available at an additional cost.

Are there discounts for multiple sticker names?
If you would like to order bunches contact us. What, you got a fleet? Or are you stickin’ these on the bumpers of cars on the 405 freeway during rush hour? That’s cool! Just don’t tell anyone where ya got ‘em!

Can we get a different size or color ... and, uh, how about that typestyle again?
Sure, we’re happy to do custom orders. Just reach us via our contact form.

Do you have a mission statement?
Yup! It goes something like this here:
SMO Stickers will never compromise in either quality or service. Our goal is to deliver only top quality products and service that you can trust and, since we cherish your trust, you’ll never see us violate that in any way.


home         about        the birdcage        thumbs up         qr codes         faq         contact

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Our Guarantee:
We will always replace any damaged sticker for any reason.
Simple enough. Just contact us.

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